About us

I CAN TOO is an international charity organization dedicated to supporting children with special needs and their families. It was established in 2006 in Bulgaria as a private initiative by Nelly Radeva who has been living in Germany for twenty years.

In 2012 I CAN TOO was registered in the USA as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

I CAN TOO raises awareness of the dire situation of children with special needs and their families. The organization believes that proper support to these children would provide them with the opportunity to reach their full potential and fully integrate into the society. I CAN TOO advocates for more community, individual, and organizational involvement as an effective way of improving the lives of those children. The foundation uses arts and media events to promote and advocate for children with special needs rights, raise funds and invest in support therapeutic centers for those children and their families.

I CAN TOO joins efforts with celebrities, key opinion leaders, companies and foundations. Its activities are supported by in-kind donations from all areas of business and entertainment, private entities and individuals, and by the non-monetary partnership and support of the government.

The main idea of I CAN TOO is that everyone can join to support and contribute by whatever they can do best. Following this principle, the organization opened two therapeutic Centers for children with special needs in Bulgaria entirely by in-kind donations.

I CAN TOO supports more than 650 children with special needs and their families and three existing therapeutic Centers – by directing donors and volunteers to them.

Over 400 international celebrities have become faces of I CAN TOO and have been spreading awareness of its mission and operations worldwide.

I CAN TOO‘s goal in the USA is to expand out activities and work together with other US and international organizations to improve the quality of life of more children and help their families through diagnostic and care facilities, patient education and raising awareness. We are developing a network of supporters and during the last seven years there have been many events, dedicated to the organization in different American cities (New York, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose). We are involving individuals, businesses, and have the support of the Bulgarian diplomatic missions across the USA.

Our current fundraising goals are:

1. The “Mobile Therapist” Program in support of the “Center for Hope” in Bulgaria where 50 children with multiple disabilities receive day care and rehabilitation

The program is raising funds for a specialized vehicle, equipped with a platform for wheelchairs, to transport children to the Center, and a mobile therapist who can deliver rehabilitation at home.

The funds needed for this goal are $120,000.

2. Establishment of a Center for Children with Autism in Los Angeles, USA

I CAN TOO is working in collaboration with the internationally renowned expert in the field of autism Jake Greenspan whose Greenspan Floortime Approach has shown incredible results in the therapy of autistic children to go from non-verbal to verbal.

Jake is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Floortime Center, the only international multi-site Greenspan Floortime clinic in the world. At The Floortime Center, they specialize in providing multidisciplinary intensive programs for children with special needs, focusing on building relationships, improving communication, and help children learn to think and problem-solve independently.