They аre modern, they аre beautiful, they аre charitable, they make a statement and they аre I CAN TOO’s new series of inspiration. After many years of experience and being an invariable in the charity environment we present to you the updated version of the most popular charity t-shirts. With different designs to choose from, the t-shirts are now not only an accessory, but a stylish way of supporting our cause to help children with special needs and their families.
We believe that to make a difference, someone has to take the first step. We did just that when we established the organization 12 years ago and with the t-shirts, which became a symbol of charity.

It is however time for an upgrade – the new line GIVE WITH STYLE. The collection, created again with loads of love, includes also summer tank tops.

Keeping up with our minimalist appearance, the t-shirts and the sleeveless tops are available in only black or white variations with S to L sizes for the ladies and M to XL for gents.
Give them a closer look – we have created something suitable for every taste, and once you have chosen your design, do not hesitate to order your tops via PM on our Facebook page; Instagram; email: office@icantoo.eu, or directly from our online shop: icantoo.eu/shop.)
You’ll receive them still steaming from the printing house and ready to be worn with your head held up high. Don’t forget to take a selfie with them!