In 2015, I CAN TOO opened the biggest Center for Children with Autism in Bulgaria.

The Center worked under the management of I CAN TOO Foundation for one and a half year (till 2017) supporting hundreds of children with autism.

The Center wan an unique project for the country:

  • Executing work both with the child and its family
  • Training of of parents – to implement services at their homes
  • Training of therapists in the best world programs available for children with autism
  • Developing and application of world therapeutic practices for children with autism
  • Applying of one of the most successful American practices “The Greenspan Floortime Approach” – presented for the first time in Bulgaria (by the initiative of I CAN TOO) by the American expert Jake Greenspan.


In 2009 the Parent organization “Sharen Klas”, in which kids with autism are treated, contacts I CAN TOO for cooperation in the creation of the Centre for children with autism in Plovdiv.

The need for the establishment of such Center was enormous.

For two years I CAN TOO has been utilising social initiatives and events in the city to promote tthis need.

In 2011 Plovdiv Municipality provided I CAN TOO a premises of 308 sq m for free, for 10-years period – in a clinic for the establishment of the Center.

The premises of the Center were fully renovated by I CAN TOO in 4 years of work, in which over 200 companies, governmental organizations, individual donors, volunteers, over 400 celebrities – faces of I CAN TOO – took part.

In 2017 the activity of the Center was terminated by the Municipality of Plovdiv after a decision of the institution to turn the building into a public parking lot.